Asset-Based Loan Program is proud to offer its highly sought-after Asset Based Loan Program, designed to provide businesses with the financial support they need to thrive. With key features such as flexible loan amounts ranging from $5 million to $30 million, a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 50%, this program is tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries.

Max LTV of 50%:
One of the standout features of’s Asset-Based Loan Program is the maximum LTV ratio of 50%. This means that businesses can secure a loan amount of up to 50% of the appraised value of their assets, providing them with substantial financial backing to fuel their growth and expansion plans.

No Personal or Business Tax Returns Required:
Unlike traditional loan programs, understands that businesses may face challenges when it comes to providing personal or business tax returns. With this in mind, our Asset-Based Loan Program eliminates the need for tax returns, making the application process more accessible and efficient for businesses.

Two-Year Interest Only:
To provide businesses with greater flexibility, our Asset-Based Loan Program offers a two-year interest-only period. During this time, businesses can focus on utilizing loan funds to drive growth and generate revenue without the added pressure of principal repayments.

One-Year Interest Guarantee:
At, we understand the importance of stability and predictability for businesses. That’s why our Asset-Based Loan Program includes a one-year interest guarantee, ensuring that businesses can plan their finances with confidence, knowing that their interest rates will remain fixed for the first year of the loan term.

Minimum One-Year Interest Reserves:
To further support businesses during the initial stages of their loan term, holds a minimum of one-year interest reserves. This reserve ensures that businesses have a safety net in place, allowing them to navigate any unforeseen challenges or fluctuations in their cash flow.

Eligible Industries:
Our Asset-Based Loan Program caters to a wide range of industries, including multifamily, industrial, light industrial, retail, manufacturing, warehouse, and self-storage. This diverse scope allows businesses from various sectors to benefit from our program and unlock their full potential.

Clear Exit Strategy: understands the importance of having a clear exit strategy in place. Our Asset-Based Loan Program ensures that businesses have a well-defined plan to repay the loan, providing them with peace of mind and a roadmap for success.’s Asset-Based Loan Program is a game-changer for businesses seeking financial support. With its flexible loan amounts, maximum LTV ratio of 50%, no tax return requirements, interest-only options, interest guarantees, minimum interest reserves, eligibility for various industries, and a clear exit strategy, this program empowers businesses to achieve their goals and thrive in today’s competitive market. Contact today to explore how this program can benefit your business.

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