Cross Collateral Loans

Jun 13, 2023

Cross-collateralization is a unique program that can be incredibly beneficial for those looking to finance multiple properties with a single loan. With this program, MortgageDepot can help investors leverage their existing properties to secure financing for new investments. Here are three key benefits of cross-collateralization:

  • Simplified financing:
    With cross-collateralization, investors can finance multiple properties with a single loan, simplifying the financing process and reducing paperwork.
  • Partial release clause:
    This program also includes a partial release clause, which allows investors to sell one of their properties and have a portion of the mortgage balance paid off. This can be incredibly helpful for investors looking to free up capital for new investments.
  • Competitive rates:
    MortgageDepot offers competitive rates for cross-collateral-type loans, making it an attractive option for investors looking to finance multiple properties.

If you’re interested in learning more about cross-collateralization and how can help you finance your investments, contact us today!

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