USDA Commercial Loans

Business owners and investors face unique challenges in the rural real estate market, and sometimes these challenges prevent them from wanting to pursue their goals in these areas. The USDA Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program addresses these obstacles by providing financing to rural businesses to help them successfully expand and meet their objectives in their hometowns.

Who Is Eligible for a USDA Commercial Loan?

To qualify for a USDA commercial loan, borrowers must be U.S. citizens or legal residents who meet specific credit and local income guidelines. They must also demonstrate a commitment to positive change in the community by improving environmental conditions or contributing to the area’s economic growth.

How Can a Business Owner Use a USDA Commercial Loan?

While USDA commercial loans are often used for real estate purchases in designated rural areas, that is not their only function. Here are a few additional ways that rural business owners and investors can use their funding from a USDA commercial loan:

  • Business endeavors that create jobs or prevent job loss within the community
  • Capital expenditures, such as land, machinery, inventory, or supplies, to support business goals or expansion
  • Development of renewable energy systems, such as solar energy systems, to encourage environmentally friendly business operations
  • Debt refinancing

How Much Funding Is Available?

Typically, USDA commercial loan amounts of up to $10 million are available to a single borrower. In select circumstances, borrowers can obtain up to $25 million through this program. Although rare, organizations involved in value-added agriculture may receive up to $40 million to fund their efforts.

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