Stated Commercial Loans Made Simple

November 8, 2023

Seeking funding for your commercial property investments? At, we offer tailored Stated Commercial Loans, enabling a diverse range of property investments without the traditional hassle.

Investment Flexibility

Whether it’s for investment in 1 to 4 family properties or a variety of other commercial ventures, we’ve got you covered. Embrace investments in mixed-use buildings, properties with 5 or more units, warehouses, offices, retail spaces, self-storage units, and even auto repair shops. Our financing extends up to $5 million, providing opportunities for ambitious commercial ventures.

Credit Requirements

We understand the importance of your credit score. That’s why our credit score threshold is set at a minimum of 650, ensuring accessibility for a broader range of prospective borrowers. Even with a slightly lower credit score, our Stated Commercial Loans aim to accommodate your financial goals, aiding in building a more inclusive investment landscape.

A Tailored Financing Experience

At, our goal is to simplify the process of obtaining commercial loans. We understand that not all commercial property ventures fit a standard template. With our Stated Commercial Loans, we cater to the diverse and dynamic real estate market, offering tailored financial solutions to match the specific requirements of various commercial property investments.

Invest with Confidence

Take the first step in expanding your commercial property portfolio. Whether you’re an experienced investor or entering the commercial property market for the first time, our Stated Commercial Loans provide the funding necessary to realize your investment goals. Invest confidently, backed by a financing solution that recognizes your potential and maximizes your opportunities.

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